March 10, 2003

I have to start writing my essay concerning the weblog that I have created in order to acquire good marks for this unit!
Sorry guys, I have to stop here for now because it's almost time to start preparing for the end of year examination. I will update my weblog when I finish my exams.

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Bye for now...

March 09, 2003

The word of God Is Power I received the blessings of God almighty when this powerful man of God was preaching in today's service.
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March 08, 2003

Today seems to be a good day for me....
What's up? Sandeep!Have you finished constructing your weblog?
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March 07, 2003

I have already done ten entries...That's great!

March 06, 2003

Hey Guys!
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March 05, 2003

I am a bit happy now because my weblog is almost completed!

March 04, 2003

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March 03, 2003

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This Haskell programming exercise is a bit complicated for me.
I don't know what to do now!
I think the only alternative is to put more effort & study it gradually, and
also I need to be patient whenever the program does not perform what I expected! I think by clicking on this hyperlink called Haskell.
I should be able to understand Haskell programming better.

March 02, 2003

Today is a very good day for me.
Why I am saying this is because I achieved all my goals successful.
I believe tommorow would be more better for me as well.
I always give thanks to God almight whenever he has made me glad or not. But he always fulfils my heart-desire...
It's always good to give thanks to God all the time!
Just by clicking on the word "God".
I am happy today is sunday, so I can go to church and worship my God!
Jesus shall reign forever
Let every living creature bless and worship your holy name amen!
God Is Great!
The lord is good all the time!
Thank you Jesus for giving me the strength, wisdom and knowledge to carry on with my weblog

March 01, 2003

Hello every one